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Want to make a good impression to your neighbours?


Give LawnForce a call and let them give your lawn the 5 star treatment.

LawnForce will treat your lawn with a range of professional products, all of which can be found on golf courses and premier league football pitches up and down the country. Our trained technicians will only do what is best for your lawn and will treat every patch of turf they see as an individual situation.

Machine Scarification

Removes thatch, a thick fibrous layer, which can restrict growth severely and if not dealt with aid moss and weed growth.

Solid Tine Aeration

Improves surface drainage and root growth, relieves compaction and ensures a good supply of oxygen.

Lawn Renovation

A service to restore damaged and worn lawns through a combination of scarification, coring and/or overseeding.

Pest and Disease control

Fungal diseases, such as red thread, and pests, such as leather jackets / chafer grubs, can cause major damage to lawn turf.  We provide specific treatments to help control them.

Application of Wetting Agents

Minimise dry patch problems and the need to water heavily in spring and summer by using a programme of our professional wetting agents.  These products can be applied as one-off treatments or as part of your lawn care programme.

Grass Growth Regulation

Reduces top growth and thickens your lawn, so it looks healthier and requires less cutting.  This is especially beneficial around holiday time. This treatment can be applied as a one-off or as part of a programmed approach.

Weed Management

Whilst we treat your lawn, LawnForce can also clear your property of weeds. Our weed control service is highly recommended by those who use it. Using professional products, we can provide a comprehensive weed control service designed to help you improve the overall appearance of your property. We offer weed control solutions for your driveway, block paving, decking and more.

The best news of all, is that all of these treatments can cost less than doing the work yourself! For a full quotation, please contact us.

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